Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what is website cloning?

Is there a copyright issue?

Can you help with web design as well as web programming?

Why do I want to clone a website?

Can you copy any kind of site?

What after sales service do you offer?

I don't want an exact copy, rather a site that's similar to another...can you still help?

What kind of programming language do you typically use?

What kind of server/hosting do I need?

Is it illegal to clone a website?
Quite simply reproducing the functionality and or the design of another site. For example if you've seen a site that provides some web service I can replicate that for you on your site. Bear in mind we can replicate an entire site or just features / components on other sites.
No, not at all, simply all that you are doing is replicating what another site does. There would only be a copyright infringement if you copy the content.
Yes, if you require a design in addition to development services I can help with that too. Just let me know your requirements on the get in touch page.
If you want to become successful right away then it is a great idea to emulate already successful websites. You are basically recreating their business model. Now, you can learn from their experiences when you clone their systems and website. This is why various franchises are in fact example business models.
In most cases yes...If we cannot clone a specific site within a reasonable budget and time, we will advise you in advance. We can decide if a site is clone-able on a case to case basis only.
Of course all work is guaranteed. And we will provide 3 months free support after its completed.
Certainly, it's just a question of detailing your requirements on the get in touch page. As you can see I just need the URL of the site / page in question and your additional comments in the accompanying text field.
We specialize in php (version 4 or 5) with mySQL for the database, ASP.NET with mySQL, MS ACCESS, MS SQL, Flex, AIR, XML development. In most cases the same results can be achieved regardless of the programming language used.
We actually do not offer web hosting. Instead, we can recommend professional hosting companies which will support your website. If you have your own hosting company or server, then we can work with you to prepare them for the website. Typically, a regular shared hosting account will cost anywhere between $5-$20 per month.
We cannot speak about your specific jurisdiction. Based on the state of Illinois, in United States there is nothing illegal about creating a website similar to another without actually copying them. If you were to actually copy the website, it might be illegal. We do NOT copy anything. We recreate.